References & Testimonials

Life Purpose Coaching International®

I would like to thank Carol for giving me one of the most important events in my life…the gift of life purpose coaching and a life plan. Especially in this moment of my life…when I need someone to help me take the giant steps and all the steps for my major life transition for my physical healing, career transition. This is the first time I have found a successful means and process for gaining clarity for my life purposes and God’s will. At first I was struggling but now it is more concrete. You provided me with more than the means and the ways to actually see it is possible for me to understand God. Thank you for this was so special, thoughtful and all the gifts of the roses, books and blessings. I felt special. Nimfa Jimenez, Vice-President-Controller, Berkely, CA

I affirm that I trained Carol Smith as an Instructor for Life Purpose Coaching Centers  International®. I first met Carol in 2006, and she began to complete five levels of intense training to become an instructor. She was a diligent student and has served God well through our ministry over the years. She has taught more than thirty-five individual students, facilitated fifteen (2-day) life plans, and coached countless other women. I have received excellent feedback and reports from her coaching students and teaching team co-leaders. She has presented seminars and conferences in California, Alabama, and Jamaica about life purpose, and she loves to share her personal testimony of surrendering to Jesus, the Lord of her life. Sincerely, Katie Brazelton, Ph.D., MDiv, MA, Lifetime Principal’s Credential Founder, Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®

I attended the Charting Your Life Course….which was very well organized and well thought out.  It gave great insight into my spiritual giftsand even illuminated why I was more drawn to the areas of my gifting and passions.  It has prompted me to do further study to develop and augment the gifts that I possess.  She is currently my Life Purpose Coach Instructor and I find her to be a warm, courteous and very resourceful person who is sensitive to the needs of others. Her work reaches women of various ages, races, cultures, who were at various  stages in their lives and who had widely differing personalities. Carol interacted with each of us on a level that we were comfortable with, which made the atmosphere very harmonious and encouraged participation across the group.  Being from a completely different country and culture altogether, I find that she navigates our cultural differences quite expertly.  She is driven by her passion for what she does and she operates with love, compassion and great integrity.  She has been a great inspiration to me and the seed that she has sown will be greatly multiplied across borders because of those like me whom she has guided and inspired towards finding greater purpose in God. Lecia Stewart-Williams, Life Coach, Kingston, Jamaica

“Carol and I  are both certified as Instructors through Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International® and graduates of Rockbridge Seminary. I sensed her gift for teaching, and invited her to be part of a team of instructors I was coordinating to train women in Levels 1-3 through LPCCI. Over the past 3 years, Carol has regularly connected by phone with new “coaches in training” that God has sent our way. I’ve observed how she is able to motivate and inspire women as they step out in faith to learn to coach others. She takes great care with each woman, effectively teaching and encouraging them, communicating with them, one-on-one.  Carol has a passion for teaching and this is where she really shines! Carol is a wonderful role model for new coaches. She has a gift for helping them clarify their personal thoughts and dreams, as well as effectively communicating the LPCCI curriculum. She really individualizes the training. Carol is very caring, and my students report back on how they valued and enjoyed the time spent with her. Diane O’Connor, Certified Life Purpose Coach; WILDfire, Founder; Leadership Development Director, Wisconsin

Carol Smith facilitated my life plan and was one of my Life Purpose Coach Instructors.  I’ve learned that all of my life experiences are part of God’s plan and purpose for my life and that He has equipped me to walk in my Purpose fully and completely.  I highly recommend this process and Carol Smith. My Life Plan
was full of creative ways to extract, in a deeper way, God’s plans and purpose for my life.  Carol was creative and helped me to express my God-given purpose in many different ways to establish clarity and vision. 
Christa Tesone, Certified Life Purpose Coach

Through my life purpose coaching with Carol Smith,  I got to learn a lot more about who I am in Christ: that I have values and spiritual gifts, and a unique personality type, purpose and plan for my life. This experience has been very enlightening and I would recommend it. It has caused me to be more aware of my gifts and the potential with which God has created me with. I also am beginning to understand surrender better and it has been very eye opening to read that it’s a DAILY process and that Christ even had to surrender. I like the assessments that I did to find out my personality type. This whole process has helped me better understand who God has created me to be and it has helped me understand who I am, a little more. These new things that I have learned will be great tools to help me in my future relationships and choices. The last thing that was very profound to me is that I have seen that each broken relationship ended in devastating heartbreak… However, I feel that the Holy Spirit allowed me to see this through
a discussion that I had with Carol. I now see that I greatly compromised my values and what I wanted to be with these men and in the end when it didn’t work out, I gave so much and was left devastated. I now see that compromise and settling will no longer dictate who I date in the future because it has always
proven faulty. I need to trust that God has created that man to come find me in His perfect timing… Until then I need to keep on tending to my garden. 
Stefany P. College Student

Church Ministries

Carol served as our REACH Ministries Coordinator along with Associate Pastor duties which allowed her to be in the center of the major emphasis of ministry in our church.  These areas were in worship, church organization, outreach, and vision casting. Carol assisted, planned, and conducted various aspects of our worship service.  Using Media Shout, Carol would coordinate all of the participants of each worship service and develop our program with our corporate theme in mind.  With our REACH Ministry, Carol was at the heart of the church’s vision development committee.  We spent three years putting this program together and Carol actively shared in our new purpose-driven paradigm. Jim Pimentel, Retired Pastor, CA

I have known Carol Smith for over seven years as her seminary mentor, prayer and ministry partner.  She clearly demonstrates love, humility and sacrifice for those in and out of the church. She has been an active servant leader in church ministries, community services and missions. I have the privilege of Carol spiritually mentoring and baptizing my daughter. She facilitated my personal life purpose plan. My experience with Carol leads me to call her a prayer warrior, passionate for the causes of God, whether that be reaching out to the unchurched, showing compassion for the hurting, coaching and teaching individuals or groups and developing ministries that further the causes of God. I do not think you couldfind a more dedicated and passionate follower of Jesus Christ. Carol has always been willing to obey God’s call and do whatever it takes. She hosted the African Children’s Choir; sacrificed  her earnings and many hours of preparation for Hope Jamaica Mission.  She served the homeless in San Francisco and the East Bay territories. with YWAM and New Era Transformational Trainings.  She preaches moving messages about the humility of Christ and teaches workshops at Women’s Retreats. – Lynette Evans, REACH Elder, CA

Carol displays the heart of a servant in her ministry and in her daily life.  She is willing to do whatever is needed.  She does not expect human commendation. She focuses on connecting people with our loving Jesus.  Her ministry has Jesus’ blessing.  Many women are drawn to her for encouragement and
mentoring. While Carol focuses most on her ministry to women, I know men who have been
blessed by her witness and loving life as well. I view Carol as a Christian grounded in the Bible, walking with Jesus, surrendered to Him and dependent on Him, with a passion to share and uplift
Jesus at all times in all places. 
 Ramona Bond, Retired English Professor; Women’s Ministries Leader, CA

I affirm that I observed Carol Smith function admirably in prayer ministries. At our Northern California Conference’s annual prayer retreat, Carol Smith shared her moving testimony regarding her prayer life. Many people were encouraged in their prayer life due to her testimony. Also Carol assisted with our anointing service held at this same retreat. Approximately 200 people were anointed. Without her
assistance, our anointing service would have taken much longer and many people were personally blessed by her prayers and encouragement. Simply put, Carol Smith is a very spiritual person as evidenced by her continued support and involvement with prayer ministries.
Dr. Del Dunavent, Northern California Conference, Evangelism Director

I have had the privilege of working with Carol; she has been a delightful addition to our church family.  There are several ways in which carol has served an active member of our care group. as a host and teacher.  We have discussed a wide range of biblical topics and Carol’s observations are always insightful and helpful. Carol has been a referral person for me in areas of counseling and coaching.  She has always responded well to the opportunities presented her and in both disciplines those who have benefitted from her input have responded affirmatively.  This is an area of gifting that Carol has pursued and she exhibits good listening skills, insightful knowledge of the Word,  empathetic connection, verbal affirmation, as well as good directed evaluation and follow-up. Carol’s interest in missions has been reflected in her support of our extensive range of missionary activities as well as her personal involvement.  Carol is a gifted speaker and communicator and was well-received at our annual women’s event.  She is a godly woman and I am grateful for her participation and ministry at Grace Fellowship. –Pastor Dale Barrett, Senior Minister, Grace Fellowship Church

Carol has demonstrated concern for others along with being faithful in prayer for those in our Grace Care group.  Carol’s concern forothers has also been shown by her frequent contact with members in the group.
 Her contributions during group discussions have been insightful as she frequently applies her knowledge of the scriptures to what we were studying as well as encouraging others in their Christian walk. – Jerry & Elene Cook, Jackson, CA

I have known Carol Smith for over 30 years since college and our lives were brought back together in the last 5-7 years in ministry partnership at my church in Berkeley. Carol was our Natural Church Development Training coach — helping our NCD Implementation Team develop a strategic plan for Small Group ministry and a Spiritual Gifts program in our church. She was a great resource, gentle counselor and coach and very encouraging friend through the growth development of our church over a 2-3 year period. Ronald R. Pickell, Pastor & Campus Minister Berkeley SDA Church; Adventist Christian Fellowship ACF/NAD Coordinator

Carol has always demonstrated tremendous leadership qualities in everything she has done.  Her vision and outlook have always been admired.  As a devout student of God’s Word, has certainly given her the ability to stay focused in her out reach.  With her skills and God given talent, has been instrumental in leadership of small to large groups. Her desire, determination and focus have been most useful in seeing many projects formed, active and completed under her leadership in the church and community. She has supported many of our ministry leaders through REACH as we have endeavored to serve the community. She created excellent presentations, brochures and flyers for marketing. She is very comfortable meeting the public and connecting with people outside the church throughout the community. She has been a role model for many especially women to emulate. One cannot disregard the role model she displays for Christ.  Her Christian ethics, integrity and moral character are obvious, but will always be transparent all of which will be a wonderful blessing and asset to her present and future ministries. Sam Castillo, Elder, Celebrate Recovery Leader, Sacramento, CA

Carol is a very spiritual woman with a heart for God and serving those around her with mercy and love and forgiveness.  Her compassion for others has lead her to share the desire to see all God’s children receive the gift of God’s love for them through a life dedicated to Him.  She lead an entire service at the church with
inspiring, thought provoking, presentations to the children and the entire congregation.  Her presentation was well planned and executed.  Her use of the Bible for support and thought were very appropriate and in
accordance with God’s intended Gospel message for all the world to have a saving relationship with Him and to share it with others. 
Dr. Dwight Simpson, Jackson Creek Dental Group, CA

Carol’s Rockbridge Seminary portfolio demonstrated professionalism and careful documentation of the accomplishment of the competencies and her personal learning objectives.  The verifications provide strong evidence of her social and pastoral abilities. One of the common threads that came through in her
verifications was Carol’s life of prayer. Henri Nouwen wrote, “Today theology has become one academic discipline alongside many others, and often theologians are finding it hard to pray.  But for the future of Christian leadership it is of vital importance to reclaim the mystical aspect of theology so that every  word spoken, every advice given, and every strategy developed can come from a heart that knows God intimately.”  Many servants will talk about the importance of prayer, Carol practices it. Her projects demonstrated her strengths of teaching and coaching.  She co-lead an international  mission which was designed to encourage, empower and equip future life purpose coaches and to touch the lives of women with hope. Recommendation by by Dr. Daryl Eldridge, President & Founder Rockbridge Seminary

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